Siembra, an industrial
automation company

Siembra is an industrial automation company with more than 35 years in the market, currently located in Vinhedo/SP. Our Engineering and Design department is formed by highly specialized professionals able to present the best solutions to your needs:

• Workstations in aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel tubular profile, among others.
• Special machines and workstations with assemblage and test devices.
• Closure of safe areas.
• Electrical panels.
• Industrial carts for production supply and logistics.
• Conveyors.
• Other logistics solutions as flow racks, industrial cabinets etc.

Our Mission

Develop industrial solutions with safety, quality and socio-environmental responsibility, always looking for the newest technologies. Your evolution is our mission. Persue to be a national reference in the Automation Industry, obtaining recognition from our customers.

Quality Police

Provide products and services that meet the needs and expectations of customers, regarding deadlines and quality through the following guidelines:

- Continuously improve our ability to meet expected requirements to exceed customer expectations.

- Train and develop employees to meet the needs of customers with excellence.

- Establish reliable and secure partnerships with customers and suppliers.

- Continuously monitor internal processes to promote continuous improvement and achieve quality objectives.


- Team work.

- Integrity in service and trust in what we deliver.

- Work with honesty.

- Work and understand the sense of commitment and urgency.

- A great desire for excellence.- Carry out work with social and environmental responsibility.

- Always promote continuous improvement, seeking technology and innovation.

- Work efficiently getting more results with less resource.

- Promote respectful communication.

- Sense of ownership.

Industry Segments

Industry Segments

We present a portfolio of intelligent solutions that adapt to all sectors of the industry. We believe that truly intelligent projects are the best choice for modern businesses to thrive.

Check out the main segments we operate in!

  • Pharmaceutical
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  • Food
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  • Automotive
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  • Chemical
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  • Eletronics
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  • Home Appliances
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  • Logisticssaiba mais

  • Oil And Gas
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automation service

For companies located outside Brazil, we make our team of designers and engineers available to develop:

- Structural designs

- Mechanical projects

- Electrical projects

- Softwares and supervisory development (labview, ellipse etc.)

- As-built from existing equipments

- Documentation and databook

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